ACTION PERIOD : from April 12th, 2012 to April 10th, 2016

:: Main Objective

arrowThe Aim of the Action is to acquire, unify and coordinate necessary information about vehicle dynamics, drivability and noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) analysis technologies in view of the challenges posed by the hybrid and electric vehicles.

:: The Reasons of the Action are:

1Noise has become one of the most important urban polluents;

2World Health Organization: 20.000 deaths/yr in EU due to traffic noise;

3(Hybrid)Electric Vehicles -(H)EV)- show new NVH challenges and existing knowledge in the domain is very fragmented;

4ERTRAC (European Road Transport Council) states the need for research and networking.

::  Final Conference
  Elche, April 6-7, 2016

::  Final MC & WG's Meeting
  Elche, April 06-07, 2016

::Training School on  Sound and Noise Maps Approach and MultiBody Systems Modelling in EV and HEV Vehicles (Liège, 13-15 October, 2015)